Marco Vito Muzzi

Ad Man by day, writer by night, my writing passions include fictitious tales of crime and mystery, as well as works regarding matters of the heart.

My industry-focused publications lay within the pages of Profit Magazine, Adweek, iMedia Online, and Techvibes. Originally from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, I now call London, Ontario, home.


Cool Things I’ve Done

Top 1% of Kobo Ebooks

During summer of 2020 The Restless Night reached the top 1% of ebooks sold on Kobo for  Fiction & Literature – Thrillers, and, Mystery & Suspense – Thrillers categories.



Published My First Novel

After nearly 2 years of work, I self-published my first novel – The Restless Night.

Launched Marketing and Consumer Studies Advisory Board, University of Guelph

I was part of the original MCS Advisory Board at the University of Guelph. The goal of the group was to reshape how potential students viewed the university’s business studies options.



Top 20 Future Entrepreneurial Leaders

I was fortunate to be named as one of Canada’s Top 20 Future Entrepreneurial Leaders by Profit Magazine.

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